2022-10-26 14:46:35
Seven rules of fish tank farming

1. Container

The container for raising fish should reach more than 30 cm. The bigger the fish, the bigger the fish tank is. The large fish need a covered aquarium to avoid the occurrence of jumping out of the tank.

2. Environment

The fish tank should be placed in a well-ventilated room with a constant temperature. The grass tank should not be placed in direct sunlight, and the bare tank should have a certain amount of natural light.

3. Use water

Regardless of opening the tank or changing the water, the water used for fish farming must go through trapped water and gas to remove irritating substances in the water, increase the dissolved oxygen in the water, and make the new water and the old water isothermal. The time of trapped water is kept for at least one day and night when there is light, and at least 48 hours in the absence of light. If it is not violent, the trapped time will be longer.

4. Filter

The filtration system is the core of the fish tank ecology. The small fish tank uses water goblin and waterfall filtration, and the large fish tank uses the top filter, back filter, or filter bucket. The more biochemical filter materials, the better if the space is reasonably arranged. The filtration system would rather a large horse-drawn trolley than a small horse-drawn trolley. I believe you can also have a complete filtration system.

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