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bucket elevator conveyor
Bucket elevator
Bucket elecator can prevent dust explosion effectively safety, the feed bucket elevator is installed in the chicken feed pellet factory and it is also an important component.

The bucket elevator is suitable for lifting from a low place to a high place. After the material is supplied to the hopper through the vibrating table, the machine automatically runs continuously upwards. The bucket elevator conveyor is suitable for upgrading food, medicine, chemical products, feed and other products.

Bucket elevator


1.The driving power is small, and there is almost no returning and excavating phenomenon when the material is lifted, so the reactive power is small.

2.Wide range of lifting, such lifting machines require less material types and characteristics

3.The operation reliability is good, the advanced design principle and processing method ensure the reliability of the whole machine operation. The lifting height is high. The hoist runs smoothly, so it can reach a higher lifting height.

4.The service life is long, the feeding of the hoist adopts the inflow type, and there is no need to use the bucket to excavate the material, and the extrusion and collision phenomenon rarely occur between the materials.

Bucket elevator

Model Capacity  (T/H) Power  (KW)
TDTG26/18 3-6 2.2
TDTG36/18 6-15 4
TDTG36/23 10-20 5.5
TDTG36/28 15-30 7.5
TDTG40/23 25-35 11
TDTG50/28 30-50 15

Bucket elevator

Working principle

The hopper picks up the material from the underlying storage, as the conveyor belt or chain lifts to the top, turns around the top wheel and then flips down, and the bucket elevator pours the material into the receiving trough. The drive belt of the belt-operated bucket elevator is generally a rubber belt that is mounted on the lower or upper drive roller and the upper and lower redirecting rollers. The chain drive bucket elevator is generally equipped with two parallel drive chains with a pair of drive sprockets on the upper or lower side and a pair of reversing sprockets on the bottom or the top. Bucket elevators are generally equipped with an organic shell to prevent dust from flying in the bucket elevator.


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