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animal feed pellet cooler
feed pellet cooling
animal feed pellet cooler
Counter-Flow Fish Feed Pellet Cooler
The feed cooler is one of the important components for the feed pellet cooling in the fish feed production line. The counterflow feed cooler is adopted to make the feed pellet coolingevenly, which is beneficial to the packaging and storage of the pellets.

Fish feed cooler Mainly applicable to a variety of granular material cooling.such as particles, expansion feed, especially for expansion feed and extrudes feed cooling.

fish feed cooler


1.Adopted countercurrent cooling makes the materials cooling more uniform

2.Flexible hydraulic control system of discharging structure makes the discharging fluent

3.Special rotating materials disturbing structure makes the materials more uniform

4.After cooling the particle temperature will not higher than room temperature +3-5℃. /p>

5.Transmission device adopts eccentric shaft driven by the reduction gear machine, stable and reliable, low noise, easy installation and maintenance.

fish feed cooler

Model Capacity(T/H) Time(min) Temperature Precipitatio rate Pressure  (Pa) Air absorption Main power Feed power
SKLN11 1-2 10-15 +3℃-+5℃ ≥3%-3.5% 2000 34m³/min 1.5kw 0.75kw
SKLN15 4-5 10-15 +3℃-+5℃ ≥3%-3.5% 2000 34m³/min 1.5kw 0.75kw
SKLN19 10-15 10-15 +3℃-+5℃ ≥3%-3.5% 2000 34m³/min 1.5kw 0.75kw
SKLN22 16-20 10-15 +3℃-+5℃ ≥3%-3.5% 2000 34m³/min 1.5kw 0.75kw

fish feed cooler

Working principle

The pellets from the feed pellet machine enter from the feed port of the cooled top shelter, and after passing through the diamond-shaped bulker, the pellets are separated from the top, the back, the left, the right, and the middle of the top of the silo. The road flows into the silo body. At the beginning, the pellets gradually accumulate, and when the pellets are piled up to be able to contact the upper leveler, the motor is turned on and starts to work. The motor drives the discharge bin to reciprocate left and right through the reducer and the eccentric structure. In this process, when the discharge amount is larger than the feed amount, the inner surface of the machine is lowered to the lower level positioner, the discharge motor stops working, and the work is started when the material surface reaches the upper level position again.


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