tooth claw crusher
tooth claw grinder
small animal feed grinder
tooth claw crusher
Self-priming grain crusher
The small grain grinder, also known as the Self-priming grain crusher, is a small self-priming crusher with posho mill. The tooth claw grinder is suitable for grinding corn, beans, cereals and wheat.
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The Self-priming grain crusher can be used on farms, rural households, and feed mills. It can be used to crush unprocessed rice, corn, sorghum, beans, and other cereals.

Self-priming grain crusher


1.Small size, space saving, easy to install and fix

2.The grain machine has good adaptability and can be ground, sorghum, corn stover, peanuts, etc.

3.Reasonable structure, compact structure and convenient maintenance.

4.The operation is simple, no need to fix the foundation, and it is convenient for the process operation.

5.High efficiency, low consumption and low noise.

Self-priming grain crusher

Model 9FZ-23 9FZ- 35 9FZ-45
Rotating speed 5000r/min 3500r/min 3200r/min
Rotor diameter 230mm 350mm 450mm
Sieve diameter 280mm 424mm 508mm
Sieve size(mm) 840×100 1330×120 1600×115
Capacity ≥200kg/h ≥800kg/h ≥1500kg/h
Flat tooth(piece) 4 5 6
Square tooth(piece) 6 11 12
Tons of electricity consumption ≤22KW.h/t ≤18KW.h/t ≤18KW.h/t
Voltage 220V 380V 380V
Power 3kw 11kw 18.5kw
Spare parts Feed hopper sieve ring sieve (2 sets)
Machine size(mm) 700x445x910 1140x670x1050 1060x1960x1370
Weight 40kg 93kg 140kg

Self-priming grain crusher

Working principle

The high-speed rotating sprocket rotor produces a powerful centrifugal force that feeds the material into the crushing chamber.
The Self-Priming Crusher uses a positive pressure, high-speed rotating rotor to generate a large centrifugal force, and the raw material is sucked into the pulverizing chamber to be pulverized.

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