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feed dryer machine
floating fish feed dryer
floating fish feed dryer
feed dryer machine
Floating Fish Feed Dryer
Fish feed dryer also known as pellet extruding drying machine, are used for feed dryer, which can ensure the fish feed pellets quality and benefit the storage of fish feed.The belt dryer is a drying device that uses a steel mesh as a conveyor belt to carry out continuous drying.The fish feed pellet mesh belt dryer machine are used for drying the high moisture material to a suitable moisture, so that the material can be reached a high efficient use value

Feed dryers are suitable for drying in many industries and various materials, such as food, vegetables, feed, chemical raw materials, decorative materials, and medicinal materials.

floating fish feed dryer


1. The air volume, heating temperature, residence time and feed rate can be adjusted to achieve the best drying effect.

2. It is often used in applications where the drying speed is low and the drying time is long.

3. Unique air distribution device to evenly distribute hot air

4. The particles are not subjected to vibration or impact during the drying process, and the particles are not easily broken.

5. Wide application range, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

6. The equipment adopts the control motor. According to the water content of the material, the time of the material is adjusted during the operation of the dryer to ensure the drying efficiency.


Model LM-D50 LM-D100 LM-D150 LM-D200 LM-D300 LM-D500 LM-D1000
Power 8KW 10KW 15KW 20KW 28KW 45KW 70KW
Capacity 50kg 100kg 150kg 200kg 300kg 500kg 1000kg
Size(m) 3*1.1*0.8 5*1.1*0.8 3.2*1.2*1.55 3*1.1*1.3 5*1.2*1.3 7*1.1*2 12*1.2*2

floating fish feed dryer

Working principle

The material is placed on the conveyor belt, through the switch-plate device on the conveyor belt, spread the belt evenly, the material through the first layer transition to the next layer, each layer set guide material device and rollover device. make the material fully contact with the heating medium, dried material will be discharge by the last layer.

The heating medium enter into the dryer machine by the fan, wind speed induced draft fan generated pressure to make adequate and uniform spread in the dryer at the bottom of the heating medium, since the lower pressure is greater than the above pressure,the upward movement of the heating medium through each belt, so that the material in contact with the heat medium sufficiently, improve drying efficiency.


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