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Low Cost Hot Air Hopper New Feed Dryer
Low Cost Hot Air Hopper New Feed Dryer
Low Cost Hot Air Hopper NewFeed Dryer
Low Cost Hot Air Hopper New Feed Dryer
Low Cost Hot Air Hopper New Feed Dryer
Hot air dryers are intended for moving away of superfluous moisture and volatiles in the feed pellets.
Product Information

Low Cost Hot Air Hopper New Feed Dryer is an effective and economical model for drying plastic raw materials and feed pellets . It can dry raw materials that are wet due to packaging, transportation or recycling. 

1. All parts and components in the barrel are made of stainless steel to ensure that the raw materials are not contaminated
2.Low noise blower, installed air filter(optional) purity guaranteed.
3. Use uniformly dispersed high-performance hot air diffusion device to keep the plastic drying temperature uniform and improve drying efficiency;
4.High-temperature type for 50-1500kg available, with double-walled hopper tank, stainless steel heating tube and high-temperature blower.
5.Curve heating cylinder designed to avoid powder pile.
6.Installed with proportional deviation display thermostat, to control temperature accurately.

Hot Air Dryer Structure

Low Cost Hot Air Hopper New Feed Dryer includes N-shaped tripod, hot air recovery device, windmill inlet filter, exhaust air filter, exhaust cyclone, magnetic base, hopper magnet, European suction box.

Hot air new feed dryer

Technical specifications
Model Capacity(KG) Tube Size(mm) Heating(kw) )Blower(kw) Dimensions(mm)
Tube Path Inner Tube High External Tube High
LM-12 12 255 390 1.5 0.06 510*300*660
LM-25 25 345 425 3 0.12 760*420*851
LM-50 50 420 550 4.5 0.18 860*500*920
LM-75 75 495 630 6 0.3 940*540*1140
LM-100 100 560 630 6 0.3 1050*640*1235
LM-150 150 600 850 9 0.4 1075*700*1400
LM-200 200 700 850 11 0.4 1210*750*1500
LM-300 300 830 1030 15 0.5 1220*800*1630
LM-400 400 894 1040 15 0.5 1450*940*1800

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