200 Kg/Hr - 500 Kg/Hr Fish Feed Machine Line
200 Kg/Hr - 500 Kg/Hr Fish Feed Machine Line
200 Kg/Hr - 500 Kg/Hr Fish Feed Machine Line
200 Kg/Hr - 500 Kg/Hr Fish Feed Machine Line
200 Kg/Hr - 500 Kg/Hr Fish Feed Machine Line
Main Machine: screw elevator, crusher, single shaft horizontal mixer, wet fish feed extruder machine,dryer, cooler, seasoning machine and packing machine
Pellet sizes: 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm
Application: extruding fish/dog/cat food pellets, suitable aquaculture farm and pet/fish food industries
Capacity: 200kg/hr-500kg/hr
Main Materials: most of machine is made of carbon steel, main part is made of stainless steel
Product Introduce

200 Kg/Hr - 500 Kg/Hr Fish Feed Machine Line produces floating, semi-floating and sinking feeds in accordance with feed formula, the feed line also can choose different, this is our popular feed production line selling all over the world. And the main machine is feed extruder machine that it has wet type fish feed machine and dry type feed machine.

200kg/h floating feed machine line

Extrusion: a relevant response for the production of feed in aquaculture
Aquaculture is the fastest growing animal feed sector in the world with an annual production of 34 million tonnes. A quarter of the fish consumed by humans is produced by aquaculture. With an estimated population growth of 25%, it will be necessary to produce between 41 and 69 million tonnes of fish per year until 2020.

200 Kg/Hr - 500 Kg/Hr Fish Feed Machine Line


Feeds intended for aquaculture should have high levels of digestible energy and amino acids available for growth and should be administered in the form of granules or extrudates. To allow the continuity and profitability of this activity, fishmeal and fish oil will have to be used much less intensively in the future.

The advantages of Fish Feed Machine Line:
Extruders capable of handling all densities: floating, semi-floating and sinking feeds,
Production capacities for all volumes, from 180 kg / h up to 200kg / h,
Complete extrusion solutions, including the dryer.

200 Kg/Hr - 500 Kg/Hr Fish Feed Machine Line

Technical data

200 Kg/Hr - 500 Kg/Hr Fish Feed Machine Line

Machine Name Description Picture
Crusher Machine Power:3kw
Machine weight:40kg
Application:Used to crush grain feed (corn,soybean,etc.), rice husk, corn cob, straw pieces,etc.
Screw Conveyor Power:2.2kw
Application:transporting the crushed materials into mixer
screw conveyor
Mixer Power:5.5kw-7.5KW
Application:Mixing crushed materials with vitamins and premix etc.
single shaft horizontal mixer
Fish Feed Extruder machine Power:11kw-37KW
Machine Type: wet type or dry type
Application:Extruding fish/pet/animal feed pellets
fish feed extruder machinefish feed machine
Air conveyor Power:2.2KW
Application:made of 304stainless steel, transporting the pellets
Air conveyor
Drying machine Power:75KW
Application:Drying the feed pellets
Drying machine
Cooling machine Power:2.2KW
Application:Reducing the temperature of fish/pet/animal feed pellets
Cooling machine
Seasoning Machine Power:0.75KW
Application:Improve quanlity and taste of fish/pet/animal feed pellets
Seasoning Machine
Bucket elevator Power:2.2KW
Application:transporting the raw materials or pellets
Bucket elevator
Packing and sealing machine Power:0.19KW
Application:Packing the feed pellets in suitable weigh
sealing machine

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