200kg/h fish feed making machine
fish feed pelletizing machine
200kg/h fish feed making machine
200Kg/H Fish Feed Making Machine
200Kg/H Fish Feed Making Machine is a pellet feed puffing machine, also called pet feed extruder, which is suitable for making pet food, such as dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits, shrimps, dogs, cats, marten, foxes and other pets.

The 200Kg/H Fish Feed Making Machine can produce a variety of flower-shaped feeds, and can customize the mold according to clients' requirements. The output of feed pellets is equipped with a frequency-converting rotary cutting device. The blade rotation speed can be arbitrarily adjusted to control the cutting speed and length.
fish feed pelletizing machine uses corn, soybean, animal scraps, etc. as raw materials, which can be expanded directly into the fish feed extruder to produce different granules with rich nutrition, suitable for dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits.

200kg fish feed making machine


1. Adopt the soft knife lamination form to achieve stepless speed change, which can cut the material into products with the required length, and it is not easy to produce burrs.
2. Novel and unique design, simple structure, easy to install and disassemble,  and easy to operate.
3. Equipped with a unique pressurized die device to ensure feed yield and quality; and equipped with electric heating device to increase feed expansion rate.
4. The main motor uses Y series three-phase motors.
5. Easy to operate speed-adjusting feeding device, he feeding is uniform, and the machine is prevented from being stuck.
6. Easy to exchange the output template, just change template with different hole.
7. Feed pellets can float on the water surface. Fish and poultry are easy to digest and can easily observe the food intake of frogs and fish without waste of feed.
8. Also can produce sinking aquatic feeds, livestock pellets.
9. The screw adopts a split structure, which is easy to clean and replace.


Model LM-70
Capacity 180kg/h-200kg/h
Main Shaft power 18.5KW
Feeding power 0.4kw
Screw diameter 70mm
Cutting power 0.75kw
Dimension(mm) 1650*1400*1300
Weight 600kg

200kg fish feed making machine


The material box is equipped with a constant speed agitator to prevent the material from sticking to the connecting block. The mixing rod is treated by special process,and the light does not rust.

The motor flywheel belts are covered with protective covers to avoid danger to customer during use.
The machine base is made of 10mm carbon steel as international standard welded and polished to ensure the good finishing and the stability of the machine.

The cutter and the machine are conncted by quick disassembly components,which is convenient for customers to disassemble.
The electric motor adopts the domestic famouse brand,firm and durable, ensures the customer can use for a long time without any problem.
The cutting knife after special treatment,never rust,sharp wear-resistant.

Machine screw sleeve is polished by special technology and treated with chromium plating. Make sure it can used for a long time and never rusts.
The machine is equipped with a full - automatic high efficiency heater,it can be automatically control led after the temperature was set。The temperature is too low or too high it will automatically turn on and turn off.

200kg/h fish feed making machine


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