60Kg/H - 100Kg/H 100kg/h dry type fish feed machine
60Kg/H - 100Kg/H 100kg/h dry type fish feed machine
60Kg/H - 100Kg/H Dry Type Fish Feed Machine
Main Machine: one complete set feed machine, screw, tools, glooves, Cutting Blade, etc.
Pellet sizes: 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
Application: extruding fish/pet food pellets, suitable small fish farms and small pet/fish food industries
Capacity: 40-100kg/h
Main Materials: most of machine is made of carbon steel, main part is made of stainless steel

The raw materials have corn, soybean (bean cake) animal wastes as raw material, etc.  dry type fish feed extruder machine uses these materials to produce different particle shapes, unique taste, nutrient-rich, and delicate tissue feed pellets. The feed pellets are suitable for feeds of different pets such as dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits, shrimps, dogs, cats, donkeys and foxes. 
60kg/h-100kg/h Dry fish feed machine is also suitable for professional farmers, small  and medium scale feed mill plant, and research institutions. Also installed in floating fish feed production line with other main machine, such as feed mixer, dryer, cooler and packing machine, etc.

100kg fish feed pellet mill


Features - 60kg/h-100kg/h fish feed Machine

1.Producing suspended aquatic feed pellets, sinking fish/shrimp/crab feed pellets, pet feed pellets, hanging fishing feed pellets, etc.
2. It adopts the soft knife fitting form to realize the stepless speed change, and can cut the discharge material into the required length products without being easy to produce burrs.
3. The threaded sleeve and the screw adopt special wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant alloy steel material and are heat-treated, which has the advantages of wear resistance and long service life.
4.A unique pressure-increasing die device is installed to ensure feed yield and quality, and an electric heating device is provided to increase the feed expansion rate.
5.The speed-adjusting feeding device is more convenient to operate, and the feeding is uniform to prevent the machine from being smashed.
6.The discharge template is easy to replace, and it is only necessary to replace the required aperture template with different aperture feeds.
7.The main motor uses the internationally renowned Siemens motor.
dry type fish feed making machine

Features - feed pellets:
1. Forming smooth and smooth
2. Floating water for more than 12 hours without sinking
3. No pollution to water sources
4. Sterilization reduces fish disease
dry fish feed extruder

Model LM-40 LM-50
Capacity 40kg/h-60kg/h 80kg/h-100kg/h
Main Shaft power 7.5KW 11KW
Feeding power 0.4KW 0.4kw
Screw diameter 40mm 50mm
Cutting power 0.4KW 0.4kw
Dimension(mm) 1500*1400*1250 1470*1100*1250
Weight 350kg 400kg

100kg dry type fish feed machine

Working principle

firstly, when using the fish feed granulator, first granulator ontology should be checked, it is ensured that Granulator ontology is intact, avoids user when carrying out Fodder making particle, accident occurs, in Fodder making particle, Granulator ontology is first connected into external power supply, and feedstuff is put into system material room by feed inlet, while starting electricity Machine  make motor drive driven shaft to rotate by driving shaft and shaft coupling, while making driven shaft is driven to rotate by gear inside reduction gearbox and worm screw, so that rotation compacting is carried out to feedstuff with dynamic pressure roller,  is discharged and leads to by discharge hole after feed compression moulding Crossing cutter will enter in storage bin after feed cutting.

dry fish feed machine


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