rotary screen machine
Rotating Sifter
rotary screen machine
Plane rotary screen machine
Material is fed into the feed inlet and redirected into the cylindrical sifting chamber by means of a feed screw. The machine is used to separating big and small pellets.

Series rotary screen machine is used in separate big and small pellet by screen, installed in fish feed production line. Rotating Sifter has high screening, small space occupation, easily install and use, high productivity, easy to operate in feed production line , pollution-free, low noise.

Food, chemical, minerals, plastics, recycling, others.
Typical applications: grain screening, urea screening, compound fertilizer screening, diammonium phosphate screening, silicon alloy screening, ceramsite screening, soda ash screening, mirabilite screening, graphite screening, PVC finished powder screening, Activated carbon screening, silicon carbide screening, abrasive screening, flux screening, wood chip screening, tobacco screening, tea screening, etc.

Plane rotary screen machine


Low breakdown, less maintenance ,simple operation , the gearbox adopts non-gear transmission
way , dispense with oil lubrication, avoid oil pollution with oil leakage
Single-layer sieve , two-layer sieve, three-layer sieve are available.
Widely used in grading and sieving of pellets and crushed materials , secondary cycle crush
processing, cleaning and grading of some pellets and powder

Screen machine

Technical data
Model Capacity  (T/H) Power  (KW)
LMJH80X2C 5-12 1.5
LMJH100X2C 8-16 2.2
LM130X2C 10-18 3
LMJH150X2C 15-25 5.5


rotary screening machine

Working Principle

The plane rotary screen adopts the principle of plane rotary motion, which effectively reduces the dynamic and static ratio and the basic dynamic load of the equipment. The equipment adopts a plane rotary vibrating screen to vibrate up and down. There is automatic cleaning equipment under the net. Compared with the traditional linear screen, it improves the life of the screen, has the characteristics of low noise and large screening area, and the screening efficiency is from the original 93%-95% increased to 98.5%.

The working principle of the plane rotary screen is mainly realized by the movement of the eccentric machine, and its motion shape is a uniform reciprocating rotary motion, and the inclination angle is generally 4-9 degrees. And through the drive box to the sieve machine, the material moves horizontally at the feeding end, gradually becomes an elliptical motion in the longitudinal direction, and becomes an approximately reciprocating linear motion at the discharge end.

After the material enters the sieve body through the feed port, under the action of the vibration force, it can be distributed evenly on the sieve surface of the plane rotary screen, and the material with smaller particle size under the material layer can pass through the screen quickly, and the particle size Larger material moves at the upper discharge end.


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