rotory seasoning machine
feed flavoring machine
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rotory seasoning machine
Rotary flavoring Machine
Rotary flavoring/seasoning Machine is the seasoning equipment for pellet production line, can be used to season and mix all kinds of food such as fish feed pellets, potato chips, puffed food, snacks etc.

Rotary flavoring Machine can apply seasonings to the feed pelleys to improve the taste and flavor continuously and automatically. Adopt rotary drum for seasoning and mixing of the chips, achieving uniform seasoning effect and ensuring the integrity of the feed pellets.

Rotary seasoning equipment machine is convenient to operate and high in yield, mixes material uniformly, discharges the materials automatically, is made of stainless steel, can continuously season and mix any foods, such as potato chips, french fries, peanut, broad bean, etc..

Seasoning machine


1. Wholly made of stainless steel, having strong corrosion resistance, sanitary and easy to clean.
2. The length and diameter of the seasoning drum can be customized.
3. The tilt of the seasoning drum can be adjusted.
4. Equipped with variable frequency controller, the rotating speed of the coating drum can be adjusted.
5. Rotary seasoning machine is normally used alone or used in the fish feed production line.
6.Flovouring machine is equipped with the elevator to feed the feed pellets automatically.
8. The remaining seasonings are sifted out through the mesh at the end and are collected and reused.

The rotary seasoning machine used in fish feed production line

Floating fish feed production line - flavoring machine

Technical specifications
Model Single roller Double roller Vertical seasoning
Power(kw) 5 6 0.55
Roller diameter(mm) 650 650 1000
Roller size(mm) 2350 First:1560
Capacity(kg/h) 100-150 200-500 30-90

flavoring machine

Working principle

The material enters from the upper end of the drum, and the liquid grease, attractant, trace elements, etc. are evenly sprayed on the surface of the particles through the built-in sprayer. The oil pump and the heat-insulating oil tube connected to the other end of the spray head have heating functions. The temperature is adjusted on the electric control box so that the additive maintains a certain temperature, and even if the temperature is lower than the bottom, it will not solidify and affect the spraying effect.


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