2020-04-22 10:00:24
Small floating fish feed machine

Small floating fish feed machine mainly uses for extruding food, poultry and fish feed, also is suitable for extruding one raw material, three function is that premixs oil of plant or raw materials of wine. and the fish feed machine normally used in small and medium feed industry.

1.Small floating fish feed machine is suitable for feeding fish, shrimp, frog, pig, duck, etc. Production made by fish feed puffing machine has puffed soft and cooked, high protein and complete nutritional ingredients. It floats on the water surface for a long time without wasting feed. Add trace elements to promote the rapid growth of fish.
2.Combine the wheat hulls, corn flour, bean cypress, fish meal, etc. with the compound premix, add 10-17 kg of clean water per kg of the recipe according to the recipe, put in the blender and mix well, about 3-5 minutes, start the mixer Stir the dragon, draw the material into the storage barrel, and draw the dragon from the storage barrel into the mouth of the extruder. Pay attention to control the closing of the storage drum. From small to large.
3. Pelletizing part: The size of the pelletizing is determined by the discharge hole. For puffing, it is generally 4.5 cm, with 4 to 5 holes. If you want high output, you can open 10-15 holes without puffing. The small motor can be adjusted back and forth. The knife should be in the forward direction. It is best to start with 3-5 city cat feed and more water when cutting.
4. After each preparation, disassemble the front part of the cutting material, immediately remove the nut on the puffing head with a tool hook, and then start the motor to flow out the excess feed in the machine, and clean the nut orifice plate.

small floating fish feed machine

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